Bitcoin exposure, backed by experience.

Monochrome helps investors gain exposure to bitcoin and crypto-assets in a regulated, familiar & insured manner via managed funds.

Monochrome Bitcoin ETF

Globally unique.
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Bitcoin ESG Series

By Monochrome Research, the Bitcoin ESG Series analyses the Environmental, Social and Governmental implications of Bitcoin.

Why choose Monochrome?

Monochrome funds are suited for investors looking to gain exposure to bitcoin in a safe and regulated environment.

Regulated Exposure

Bridging the gap from crypto markets to regulated investment structures, Monochrome's funds provide investors convenience and protection when gaining exposure to bitcoin.

Specialist Fund Manager

Monochrome is a specialist digital fund manager. With several members of the team previously working at the likes of Binance Australia, BlackRock and IFM Investors, Monochrome offers investors the honed management required for crypto-asset exposure.

Insured Qualified Custody

Assets are securely stored with institutional-grade practices by appointed licensed custodians.

SMSF Compliant

Compliant with SISA 1993 and SISR 1994, Monochrome products utilise structures and procedures that meet all core trustee and audit requirements.

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Products designed to bridge traditional and crypto markets.

Built by those who understand both.

Monochrome Bitcoin ETF

A globally unique spot Bitcoin ETF, coming soon. Click the button below to register your interest.

Monochrome Bitcoin Fund

Our flagship product, The Monochrome Bitcoin Fund. A passive buy and hold index fund, designed for wholesale, institutional, family office investors, providing regulated exposure to Bitcoin through the traditional and familiar framework of a unit trust.

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