Monochrome Asset Management

Our Team

Introducing the team behind Monochrome Asset Management, with over 150 years of combined experience in traditional financial markets, funds management, and digital asset trading.

Monochrome Team

  • Jeff Yew

    Jeff Yew

    Chief Executive Officer & Director

  • David Hobart

    David Hobart

    Investment Committee Member

  • Derek V. Henningsen

    Derek V. Henningsen

    General Counsel, Head of Legal & Compliance

  • Andre de Almeida

    Andre de Almeida

    Senior Legal Counsel & Compliance Manager

  • Iris Rad

    Iris Rad

    Legal Counsel & Compliance Officer

  • Allan Bai

    Allan Bai

    Investment Operations Analyst

  • Grayson McLeod

    Grayson McLeod

    Fund Operations

  • Will Eason

    Will Eason

    Operations Analyst

  • Hannah Tan

    Hannah Tan

    Design & Communication

  • Riley Signor

    Riley Signor

    Software & Securities Engineer

  • Sarah Alzaher

    Sarah Alzaher

    Research Analyst

  • Amaan Hussain

    Amaan Hussain

    Research Analyst

Careers at Monochrome

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