Monochrome Asset Management

Company Overview

Monochrome Asset Management is a specialist investment management firm offering leading regulated access to crypto-assets.

Our Mission

We believe in setting an example as the leader in the financial services space. Specialising in bitcoin and crypto-assets is the way to sustainably scale adoption, protect investors’ interests, and accelerate the positive impact of crypto-assets on people’s lives around the world.

Leading Industry Knowledge

The Monochrome team has experience across traditional financial markets, funds management and digital asset investments, bringing together talent from the likes of BlackRock, Binance Australia, Rest Super and the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Through this depth of expertise across traditional and crypto markets, Monochrome provides investors with Australia's leading crypto-asset products, as well as the secure hands to manage them.

Regulated Bitcoin Exposure

Monochrome bridges the gap between unregulated crypto markets and traditional markets through familiar regulated product structures that provide the protection and frameworks investors need when accessing this emerging asset.

Insured Qualified Custody

Monochrome shields investors from many major custody risks native to the asset class by partnering with specialist insured, qualified custodians.

Investor assets are securely stored and handled with institutional-grade practices that meet ASIC crypto-asset custody standards and SMSF trustee operating standards under SISR 1994.

Our Team

Monochrome's team brings together experience across traditional funds management, crypto-asset investments and financial services.

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